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Lou Bartell

Welcome to Canyonlands Ballooning. My name is Lou Bartell. I have spent the last 26 years flying everything possible, including hot air balloons, sail planes, hanggliders, ultralights and airplanes. My FAA license allows me to instruct and fly commercially in both hot air balloons and airplanes. I have flown hot air balloons in Utah, Nevada, California, Mexico and primarily in Napa Valley for several years as chief pilot of one of the leading operations, Bonaventura Balloon Company. Having spent the last 26 years exploring the Canyonlands, I have become familiar with the many beautiful intricacies of this delicate landscape. Starting Canyonlands Ballooning is a dream come true, allowing me to blend my love of flight, the Canyonlands and meeting people from around the world all while sharing a custom adventure. It is my great pleasure to fly over the Canyonlands in our beautiful balloons and I look forward to sharing a safe, unique and memorable ride with you.

Lou operating the balloon

phone:  435.655.1389
address:  PO Box 983
 Moab, Utah 84532
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Meeting Location

We will meet at Archview Resort & RV Park ("Archview"), which is also a Shell gas station. Head north out of Moab on Highway 191. Shortly after you leave Moab, you will pass the entrance to Arches National Park. Do not turn in. Instead, keep heading north on Highway 191 six and one-half miles. Archview is 6.5 miles north of the entrance to Arches National Park on Highway 191. Pull right into Archview (there are 2 tipis at the entrance and an old school house on the grounds). It is also a Shell gas station. Pull in beyond the gas/fuel pumps and you will see our white four-wheel drive van. The driver will tell you where to park & take you from there.

Canyonlands Ballooning will contact you via your provided email or cell phone a few days before your flight to confirm the exact meeting time, which will be around sunrise. Upon your confirmation, we will only contact you again IF there is a weather-related cancellation.

Maps of the Meeting Site

We'll be meeting at the Archview campground, 8.6 miles north of the Colorado River crossing on Hwy 191.

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Here's a higher zoom map of the same point. Drive past the fuel island through the opening on your right to the old school house.

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Panoramic view from the balloon by Ted Crawford