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"It was a dark and quiet morning on a lonely, tumbleweed stretch of Utah highway 191 where we first met Lou, intrepid pilot/owner of Canyonlands Ballooning. Rows of eroded sandstone fins stood in the distance like skyscrapers concealing hidden alleys. Snipes and Road Runners filled the shadows with blurred motion. Owls hooted ..."   Read the entire testimonial from Timothy and Jane Wynne

"Lou and his staff were incredibly professional, informative, and entertaining. The hot air balloon ride provided my wife and I with a new and beautiful perspective of the Moab landscape that we would otherwise not have been able to obtain. The takeoff, flight, and landing were very serene and peaceful. Thank you very much."
Bryan & Michelle, Tampa, FL

"Lou, the pilot/owner tailored the flight to suit our family. He let the kids walk inside the inflating balloon as he explained to them how it all works. The Towers and canyons, invisible on the ground, suddenly present themselves as you silently soar high above. This gave us all a completely new appreciation of the spectacular canyon country that surrounded us. The kids loved it as we silently chased an unexpecting rabbit across the desert floor before gently landing the balloon. Lou's local knowledge and genuine love of ballooning helped make our flight with Canyonlands Ballooning the highlight of our trip to the Moab area."
Greg, Eli, Izzy and Aiden S., Telluride, CO

"Our balloon ride was so special. Lou put us all at ease and after we were airborne pointed out features below. A hawk was hunting and didn't even realize we were flying silently above him. It was a magical experience! We'll never forget it."
Judy & Michael J., Saline, MI

"I loved my balloon ascent. Lou is the best! He calmed my nerves and made me feel so secure. Our morning was filled with the silence and beauty of the landscape. When we landed he gave us the traditional celebration to accompany our flight. I didn't want it to end!"
Sue H., Knoxville , TN

"If you are considering a hot air balloon flight, let me tell you to go with enthusiasm. It was one spectacular experience! I didn't know what to expect, and it exceeded any of my expectations. Just do it. You will be writing a testimonial, too. It's fabulous!"
Kay B., Santa Fe , NM

"The flight over the Canyonlands was spectacular--and what a smooth landing!"
Mark K., Gunnison, CO

"Definately the THING to DO in Moab! Thanks Lou!"
Henry & Peggy L., Chicago, IL

"Once in a lifetime view--we loved it!"
Suzy & Todd R., Middletown, CA

"So peaceful--a flight to remember."
Sharon & David W., Telluride, CO


Panoramic view from the balloon by Ted Crawford